UNIDOS Disaster Relief and Recovery Program

Hispanic Federation

On September 20th, 2017, everything changed for Puerto Rico. A hurricane of unprecedented strength destroyed much of the island, leaving a great majority of Puerto Ricans without power, access to food, water and communications. Anticipating the immense impact of Hurricane Maria, the Hispanic Federation convened government officials and community leaders in New York, Connecticut, Florida and Washington, D.C. to create the UNIDOS Disaster Relief & Recovery Program.

The objective of the UNIDOS Disaster Relief & Recovery Program is to meet hurricane-related needs and recovery in Puerto Rico. The contributions to the UNIDOS Fund go to help the immediate and long-term recovery needs of children, families and communities in distress from the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. To find out more about our progress go to www.hispanicfederationunidos.org.

You can play an important role in Puerto Rico Disaster Recovery by creating a community fundraising page. Set a fundraising goal for yourself, and then email your friends and ask them to help you achieve your goal. Proceeds will be used by the UNIDOS Disaster Relief & Recovery Program to help our family, friends and fellow citizens in Puerto Rico. Share why supporting the Hispanic Federation is important to you with your family, friends, and networks to give back. Thank you for your generosity!